Login with OpenAI - User-Based API Authentication for OpenAI API Usage

It would be highly beneficial if users could use their own OpenAI credits on apps that leverage the OpenAI API.

I propose that OpenAI considers implementing a user-based API authentication system. This would allow individual users to log in with their OpenAI accounts and use their own API credits when using third-party applications.

This system could be similar to the OAuth system, allowing users to authenticate with their own accounts and grant third-party applications access to use their API credits. This would make the API usage more flexible and make development easier.


I agree. That would be a very good idea. From business perspectives, it would be even more favorable to OpenAI. Developers would basically help OpenAI sell credits, and in the process they take only the share of the values added by their apps. If I were an OpenAI executive, I would be even more ambitious - I would set up OpenAI’s own online payment service. Well, Apple has been doing fine with that for years. I just hope OpenAI won’t take a deep cut of developers’ hard-earned dollars as Apple does. After all, OpenAI-based apps are hosted by developers themselves. The business model would be so simple: OpenAI sells their own credits and access tokens on behalf of the developers (taking a 3% cut).

I envision the OpenAI will be so prevalent that it will be commonplace for everyone to have an OpenAI account. The OpenAI will become utilities. Users will will pay for it as they do now for their utilities.

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Is OpenAI working on implementing this feature?

As I see it, all this does is move the responsibility for managing user payments from you to OpenAI, consider this like a broadband backbone supplier, end users do not buy a few megabits worth of bandwidth by the millions, other companies buy large sections of bandwidth and they in turn manage their end users billing and interactions. It’s the same thing here, you manage your userbase and you charge them a monthly flat fee or a per token fee, or some other hybrid approach.

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Thank you for the input but I have to disagree. OpenAI already manages direct user payments for API usage. Introducing a BYOK or OAuth feature wouldn’t shift any responsibilities to OpenAI - they’re already handling user billing. There are many platforms that allow users to bring their own keys or login through OAuth and get billed directly. OpenAI should offer the same flexibility without affecting their current billing setup. The lack of clear guidance from OpenAI on BYOK is rather concerning for developers.

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