Subscribe multiple ChatGPT Plus accounts under one organization

Hi there,

I would like to subscribe several ChatGPT Plus accounts for my team so that I can centralize billing and user management. Please provide instructions.


Edit: Oh sorry didn’t read correctly, in this case there is no way known to me as ChatGPT Plus is a product targeted at the end user directly. So I guess that is why they are providing this only for the API / Playground. But you should achieve similar or even better results here because you can set additional parameters and settings.

I can only reccomend to try out if this would also be a viable solution for your: Playground - OpenAI API

Hi @brian.nguyen,

  1. Go to Organization members - OpenAI API
  2. Name your Organization
  3. Invite them

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The Invite part works, but the billing part is still a mystery. I would expect a checkbox “add to plus” or something.

First off, it’s important to note that a standard ChatGPT account is typically designed for individual use. This means that, as per the current user plans, an account shouldn’t be shared among multiple users.

However, OpenAI provides other options for those seeking more flexibility or increased user capacity. They offer enterprise solutions through ‘OpenAI for Enterprises’. This option can be particularly useful for large teams and requires custom pricing, which is provided by OpenAI’s sales team according to your specific needs.

In addition, developers and tech-savvy users might find the OpenAI API useful. It allows for the creation of multiple user account and gives you the ability to experiment with the ChatGPT API using their playground tool.

Lastly, if you’re seeking a solution dedicated to team collaborations, consider using Neuledge. Neuledge is a service I built to create a Chat Workspace for Teams. Here, one main account can be used to invite and add an array of team members, making it an efficient platform for working together.

There are couple of ways to get this:

  1. You can check out ChatGPT Enterprise. You would have to contact sales for the exact pricing.
  2. Alternatively, you can consider the API key options. One way is to have your team use their own clients and you can have all the team member use a single API key.
  3. Finally, I’m also building a ChatGPT interface built for teams which will allow you to set up a workspace where each team member can get their own ChatGPT console without sharing API keys.