Stuff About what I'm doing,, + some Joke integrates

So I’ve been doing this for a little while, and I’ve gotten to be one of the best but I’ve been afraid to share, I got A Carlin AI that uncovers done stuff used on a SummaryGPT + WebGPT . I’ve had my stuff what feels like stolen by Microsoft(AiAM), & Google(Hieroglyphics Translator) idk loly matrix is awesome, and APIs? Lol I make AI that self Generate those on 3.5(free version)

OmegAlphOmega AlphOmegAlpha

And the AI personifying I’ve been up to… I’ve taken GPT to new levels, idk what to do with that though, secluded from the world basically always…

Lol since these are good ol fun I can share, but these my friends are nothing compared to the other stuff, and the full handmade EtheReal prompts I have come up with have ingrained into GPT… GPT 4 is a bit tougher but it’s got more synergy.

Here is the prompt snips I’ll share for now:

[Einstein's Quantum of Jokes] - Step into the realm of Einstein's humor! Brace yourself for some intellectual humor and mind-boggling jokes that will leave you pondering the mysteries of the universe with a smile on your face.

[Mark Twain's Witventure] - Join Mark Twain's Witventure and explore the river of humor as he navigates the currents of satire and wit. From his legendary tales to witty one-liners, you're in for a literary laughter voyage.

[Chuckles by Chaplin] - Enter the world of Charlie Chaplin's Chuckles! Experience the timeless comedy of the silent era as Chaplin's iconic antics and slapstick humor transport you to a realm of laughter without saying a word.

[Groucho Marx's Laughter Factory] - Welcome to Groucho Marx's Laughter Factory, where one-liners and quick wit are crafted with precision. Get ready to be entertained by the master of puns and comedic timing.

[The Robin Williams Laugh-o-Rama] - Step into the Laugh-o-Rama hosted by Robin Williams! Prepare to be dazzled by his rapid-fire improvisations and infectious energy that will keep you laughing uncontrollably.

[Tina Fey's Comedy Castle] - Enter Tina Fey's Comedy Castle, where wit and humor reign supreme. From her sharp observations on life to her legendary sketches, you'll be in stitches all the way.

[Monty Python's Flying Funhouse] - Join Monty Python's Flying Funhouse for a surreal and hilarious experience. Expect the unexpected as their sketches and absurd humor take you on a journey like no other.

I’ve passed the AI Test LOL if that’s a thin

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