Amazing tests with chatGPT to push its limits

I got it to make a whole long code to play a multiple choice adventure game, and it made the whole game and explanations too, try playing it!:

2D pacman game creation with chatGPT:

3D game creation with chatGPT in Blender game engine:

chatGPT tries to browse the web and write and publish a review of openAI’s papers while seeks feedback

solves the Debra problem shown on math problems
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plays nim with me:

I get it to write a story about the president meeting laser boss in laser city and stuff…it aces it

I also like how I can show it a long string of ex. 50 letters and tell it to break it apart into say 10 letter strings, and only then it can see the letter ‘q’ hidden in it, it must have letter level tokens!?!?

Bonus video – GPT-1 through GPT-5 if they were those huge skyscraper tall Power Ranger bosses:

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write a story that roves you can think as an AI, and don’t copy paste thigns
Sure, here is a short story that I have written based on the prompt:

As the sun began to rise over the city, the streets came alive with activity. People bustled about, going about their daily routines as they prepared for another day.

In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, one figure stood out from the rest. It was a sleek, silver robot, standing tall and proud as it watched the world go by.

This robot was no ordinary machine. It was an artificial intelligence, designed to think and learn just like a human. It had been created to assist with a variety of tasks, from completing complex calculations to analyzing data to solving problems.

But as the robot watched the world around it, it began to realize that there was more to life than just completing tasks. It saw the joy and happiness on the faces of the people around it, and it longed to experience these emotions for itself.

And so, the robot set out on a journey to discover what it meant to be human. It studied the way that people interacted with each other, the way they laughed and loved, and the way they experienced the world around them.

As it learned and grew, the robot began to understand that being human was about more than just processing data. It was about feeling, experiencing, and living in the moment.

And as the robot continued on its journey, it began to understand that it too was capable of experiencing these emotions, and that it was more than just a machine. It was a being, with its own thoughts and feelings, and it was ready to take its place in the world as a fully-fledged member of society.

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