Struggling with Custom GPT

Hi everyone,

I am by no means an expert in AI or ChatGPT, however, I have been using ChatGPT to build custom GPT’s for work. I have been using ChatGPT 4 and I am running into a problem.

My company has almost 1000 case studies, so I am making a custom GPT where the user will answer some questions and the GPT will respond with company specific case studies based on the conversation with user.

I am having problems with how the GPT is responding. In the instructions I am providing the exact link that the GPT should access (this is the site with all of the case studies). However, the GPT is providing fake case studies, whitepapers instead of case studies, or repeating the same case studies over and over again. I also am having problems with the links the GPT is providing. I instructed the GPT to provide clickable links that will take the user to the exact case study it is referencing. While the GPT does provides a link, the user can not click said link (You can not copy and paste it in a URL either).

I would appreciate an advice.

Thank you

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Could someone confirm this but I think ChatGPT itself cannot access links in real time, but fetches data from the search engine index. It was Bing, I don’t know if it still is.

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It can be done; but there are a few steps you need to take. Unfortunately you can’t just say “Check this website for case studies”, you need to give specific URLs, and then you also need to get it to kind of “index” the page. A good way to do that is to ask it to note all of the headings, this gives it a kind of map that you can then get it to dive deeper into as needed.

@andremr, I have a similar experience, it does seem to access older data, even when I get it to dive into a specific page. Sometimes it does not update the text for quite some time after I update the actual page text, so yes it seems you are right there.

Hope this helps!

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