STILL unable to use a Umobile number in Malaysia

All paths have been leading me back here. There IS no support service on Open AI Support, just articles on previous issues. Additionally there is no contact link on the website and the email address, provided by ChatGPT is not working (ChatGPT itself is unaware of these recent changes).

It seems this issue has existed before but the thread was closed - unresolved - on May 5th.

**I cannot login normally as my phone number isn’t being recognised. **

It’s a Umobile number in Malaysia, and is perfectly valid. I was only able to get into my account by using my wife’s phone (she uses a different mobile carrier). Is this likely to be fixed? Please help.


Yes, the issue same as mine. I still cannot make SMS verification using Umobile carrier

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The same problem was unable to use Umobile number in Malaysia. :frowning:

i can make an account in my friend phone, they’re using digi so the problem is with umobile itself prob