! Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com

! Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.
i cant use gpt4 at all


Mee either! GPT-3.5 works perfectly, but GPT-4 always show this!
I’m a Plus user!


Me too the same problem with and without vpn but it’s work on my phone

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Same problem here. A whole day getting: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.”

GPT 4 not available.

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just post your questions using your mobile phone and open the same account on your laptop, you will find the questions and answers.

I’m having also the same problem, and it often happen on this URL https://chat.openai.com/chat
and after not having any activity for sometime

I did initiate contact at help.openai.com. Gave them the requested info in their messenger 5 days ago. Haven’t gotten any reply.

If you are using Nord VPN, you may want to try disabling the “Web Protection” feature. Similar features may be present in other VPNs as well. This feature might be preventing ChatGPT from loading data. Once you turn it off, ChatGPT should work without any issues.


It worked! thank you, I’ve been struggling with this for weeks!

Mine is writing your account was flogged for potential abuse
Please how can i repair it

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This 1000% works for me wasted 30 min nothing works came across your comment solve the issue in less than 1 min Thanks alot

The same problem.Maybe my VPN has an issue.

same problem! I can only ask one question and then went wrong

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as same as your problem. It simply doesn’t work, my problem started yesterday or the day before yesterday.

I don’t know “Web Protection” ,could you tell me how to do it ?

I subscribed to GPTPLUS, but I’m having trouble using it. After asking a question, I’m encountering an issue where I can’t ask another question until I refresh my browser. It seems like there might be an issue with the connection not being persistent.

I tried this and it seems better:

F12 for developer mode → ctrl+shift+M for mobile device mode → chat

It seems that mobile device mode has a longer timeout for a session so it won’t happen that after every message, it is required to reload the page.

Hello everyone.I had the same issue and i tried the following steps to solve it.

  1. Reloaded and restart ChatGPT

  2. Checked the ChatGPT server status

  3. Cleared Browser Cache & Cookies

  4. I tried different browsers

  5. I used VPN

  6. Delete chrome and reinstall it

None of the above steps help to solve it.meanwhile i tried on phone and worked properly.So the problem occurs only from specific desktop.

Finally i did format on pc and FIXED the problem.if anybody try the same let us know!

I was extremely frustrated by this “Something went wrong” issue. During my research to the solution, I found a guy on YouTube who proved to be an angel for this problem. It may also work for you.

Here is the link to his video: ChatGPT: Something Went Wrong. If this issue persists please contact... | Fix OpenAI Chat Error - YouTube

Let others know if it worked.