Something to get me started on setting up Telegram with the API?

I’m a beginner at coding and am trying to figure out how to setup GPT-3 with Telegram so I can try it out as a chatbot on there. I’ve successfully made a regular rule based Telegram bot, but I don’t understand how to implement the basic code from the playground alongside Telegram’s API, input/output code etc.

Anyone who can help me get started?

Hi @joachim.sallstrom,

In the past I’ve used to make Telegram bots. You can just put GPT-3 responses in ctx.reply()

Thanks for helping!

That’s JavaScript on the Telegraf site, yes? I don’t know JavaScript, it’s just Python I’m using now.

About ctx.reply(), how do I implement it since the responses are coming through the API? What do I put in the ()?

Hi again! Did you see my question above?

ah, sorry I don’t know if Telegraf has a Python library, but the concept is that you take the result from completion openai.Completion.create(prompt=your_prompt) and pass it into whatever library you use to send Telegram messages


how to implement the basic code from the playground

You can also get the code from the playground using the View Code button