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Looking for I’m looking for a little help and I was wondering if I could reach out to the community?

I’m looking for someone willing to spend a small amount of time to help me with the basics of stepping away from using the playground, and to start interfacing with GPT3 through Python.

I am ultimately wanting to use Search and Q/A on a list of documents, but trying to learn how to use GPT3 AND how to use Python at the same time is proving difficult.

I am currently self-teaching but I am finding it increasingly difficult as there are so many holes in the foundations of my knowledge. I am having to jump all over the place.

Any help appreciated


Just to say that you don’t really need to use python. You can make API calls from a client such as Postman, and use it to upload files etc.

I found a good example on Python, this is my base to my PHP code.

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Hi @hstanleycrow, can you provide a link to your python example? And explain what you mean by “base to my php code”? The reason I am asking is because I may need to integrate my openai work in python with php, but am quite perplexed by that. Thanks.

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what a shame, I thought I had shared it.
This is the URL How To Build a GPT-3 Web App with Python | by John Mannelly | Medium.
So, I am a PHP programmer, so, i took parts of that code and used into PHP, It help me to change the logic behind my code.


there’s nothing really specific about using python or php. You can just use CURL with php to call the API, like any other

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Nobody is talking about if there is something specific on a languge. Send a CURL could be something simple, but to work it is not only necessary send a CURL or request to the API. You need some logic on how to prepare the prompt, etc, if you didn’t do it yet, then I understand your comment.

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preparing the prompt is essentially just concatenating strings of the text/examples you need. What else are you struggling with?

No perfect man… try to read

perhaps explain better then