With the help of node red, I made a telegram bot from which I can run all the functions of GPT3

As the title says, with help of Node red, I made a system through which I can run all the applications of GPT3 fom a single telegram bot. I use simple commands from the bot to switch on and off a particular application. i have written the details of this project in this blog post. Please go through this and give your valuable opinions.



So, what is the purpose of that Bot? Sorry, I didn’t get it. Why would someone use a bot when they can run experiments in the playground? :thinking:

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Thanks for the query. The intention of the bot is not to do experiments but to properly use all the applications provided by the AI.

Most of the people here would be using the API in their apps, websites or their corporate servers. But there would be some people who would like to use the API but do not know how to code.

The bot I shared can be used by any layman. A student can do grammer correction of his essay, a child can get a summary of a tough concept, a school girl can get a snippet of code by simply sending a message to the bot a shopkeeper can sort the items in his shop from an invoice, a doctor can generalise and find connections from his clinical records and so on.

Messaging a telegram bot is much easier than opening the browser and using the playground. Also telegram messages do not get deleted, and are easy to read and share from any mobile phone.

Also, in my setup, the application can be changed by a simple key word/ key phrase. For example, changing from chatbot to grammer correction mode is as simple as sending a key phrase to the bot.

I hope I have made myself clear.

TLDR : This bot is for the non coding layman who wants to use GPT-3 in his or her daily life.


Okay. Thanks for the explanation :grinning:. The only friction I could see is the Telegram account. I don’t use Telegram and not sure how many others use it. The browsers might be a better option for most people or maybe a chatbot on Whatsapp or Signal? just a thought.

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Can Node be used with Telegram as a regular chatbot that works just like a regular chat (natural delay response, typing indicator, no need for /start and other commands)?

This is a really cool idea that hadn’t even crossed my mind. I know how to code but this simplifies things a lot since it’s not stuck on one single function.

Is there anything you specifically use GPT for?

@satcit2 I am trying to run, to give my opinion, but I am getting this everytime I import your file:

Imported unrecognised types:

  • telegram sender
  • telegram receiver
  • gate

Hi… You have to install these missing nodes.

node-red-contrib-telegrambot ( node-red-contrib-telegrambot (node) - Node-RED )
node-red-contrib-simple-gate ( node-red-contrib-simple-gate (node) - Node-RED )

Please go to Manage Palette>Install and search for these modules namely node-red-contrib-telegrambot and node-red-contrib-simple-gate

Hi… I made an algorithm for an AI chatbot using GPT-3 and Node Red. Here is the code.


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Great! Can I do it all on this instead?


Did you see my latest messsge? :point_up_2:

Hi… Sorry for the late reply. Node-pad seems to be a port of Node Red on ios. It’s not an official Node Red release. I’m not sure if this flow will work on it. For best results, use Node Red on Windows/Linux.

So I have set up the code on Replit as how you describe it on your how to site, but strangely enough it doesn’t stay up (keep running). I suppose it has to? I have set it to be always on in the Replit settings, but I don’t know if the code should too?

The code I shared is not actually standalone javascript code. It’s just a Node red flow json. It will work only if it is imported into Node Red. Please read this.


So I managed to activate it. I must say though that it’s not working as well as in the playground. The replies are strange and off the point. Not sure why. I looked into temp etc (the stuff OpenAI provides) and it’s the exact same stuff you have put in there on Node Red.