Someone tell me what real business problems can be solved with OpenAI?

Does this thing have commercial value? Can give me an example? :roll_eyes:
How can I use OpenAI to integrate into specific business scenarios? This makes him valuable

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The OpenAI models are language models trained on a gigantic dataset available on the Internet, at first sight, is a kind of “Google Search with a natural conversation capacity” to answer a variety of questions.

Things become more interesting and business-oriented when the user uploads a specific business (as you said) dataset in text format, and make the dataset available to the model. The user may have a conversation about some topic, subject, or context about the specific business dataset complemented by the training dataset - the model becomes Business Assistant. There are numerous examples:

  1. A lawyer uploads a dataset of Tax Laws of a country and may have a conversation about many scenarios on how to save tax money for the Clients under diverse circumstances;
  2. A restaurant with a recipe dataset may have a list of all ingredients and their quantities of selected dishes of the day - without the need to check every site given by a Google search with those recipes;
  3. An advertising company gives the technical data of a brand-new notebook and requests a set of slogans and ad texts technically fitted to the new product;
  4. A pharmaceutical company makes a dataset with the medicine leaflets of all its products, indications, and contraindications - and gets a small list of all the products best fitted for a patient under specific conditions. All of this in a natural conversation, and changing the conditions during conversation;
  5. A tech company provides a dataset of its products and requests a list of comparisons against its competitors’ products, if available on the Internet until the training cut-off of the model - if not available the tech company uploads its competitors’ data as well;
  6. A stock trading company uploads a historical database and starts a conversation about multiple “what-if” market scenarios - with no code, just a natural language conversation between the model and traders;

and so on… it is open to all kinds of business possibilities and opportunities.

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Right now, today, the only real business value I’ve seen from GPT4 (not GPT3.5), is incremental / amplification. There’s nothing that I’m aware of - yet - that GPT4 can do something we couldn’t already do before.

I believe that will change, but for now, the big ROI from GPT4 is enhancing one’s ability to perform tasks.

And here’s the thing, I honestly can’t think of any task you’d ever perform that cannot be enhanced / amplified / improved in some way by leveraging GPT4. The only remaining issue, is it worth the token cost?

It’s like the entire world just got a baseline IQ and the IQ of everyone went up by X points (though with diminishing returns).

As for the future, I believe the first things that will fall to GPT4 will be tutors / teachers, and reviewers. Like QA, editors, etc.