[SOLVED] Using a custom logo url has broken the GPT logo

Apparently, there is no way to use a custom logo for GPT. I was trying random things to make the GPT assistant update my custom logo and when I finally tried to use the image URL as the GPT logo it worked for some time but broke the GPT logo after some time. Now there is no way to fix this ugly broken logo unless there is a good dev out there who can help me.


  • In ChatGPT, go to “explore
  • Under “My GPTs”, click the pencil button to edit GPT.
  • Use “create” instead of “configure” in the left GPT builder panel
  • Tell the AI to make you a new profile picture for the GPT, and describe it.

The logo will change when the new image is generated.


Did I forget to have you press the “update” button?

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I want to use my custom logo😔

Note: there is a problem previously reported with Firefox where “upload photo” has no effect after selecting a file.

To upload your own image, use similar steps, but use the configure button in the GPT builder.

When you click on your existing GPT profile image, you will get a menu with options:

After pressing “Upload Photo”, you will then get an operating system dialog to select your perfectly-crafted 512x512 square jpg or png image that will fit within a circle (or other images with less predictable results)


Behold your new profile image.


Press “update” in the upper right to save.

Refresh your ChatGPT browser window and click the GPT also to ensure the appearance remains uniform.


ahh $hit…This feature is not working in the Brave browser but working in Chrome.:smiling_face_with_tear:

I have been trying this for over a month. Thank you @_j it is finally fixed🙏


Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

Sure. It’s ok to close. Unless someone wants to find out why it is not working in Brave :smile: