So I made a Chat GTP for motorcyclists’ mapping

And have it not only turn by turn, but listing length of distance, eliminating tolls and highways and at the end, showing the map. I hope you can find it, it’s listed under Motorcycle Ride Mapper Pro.

I also created a ChatGTP to report my competing hotels, I am a hotel manager, set up, so all i do is ask it to tell me rates Saturday night for example and the rates come back from my competition. Hotel Price Scout is that name.

Are these findable?


Custom GPTs, as can only be created within and used with ChatGPT Plus for subscribers, don’t currently have a built-in method to share them. Coming sometime next year is a GPT store, where featured GPTs can be discovered, which will probably be similar to the current plugin store.

You can share and publicize links to GPTs you’ve created yourself, where the audience is (by necessity) other subscribers at $20/month, and the reward currently is just that others found it useful.

A prerequisite for any custom GPT to be accessible by others is that you choose to publish them in the editing process. If you opt to keep your GPTs private then nobody can find them.