ChatGPT Store submission vs. Public GPTs

I have made one of my ChatGTP builder apps public. From what I understand this is how you submitted to the ChatGTP store.

The Store seems to have very few apps on it.

Does anyone know the approval process or how long it takes or how you were notified?

Is there anything else I need to do I wonder?



this store?

There’s tons and tons of stuff there, and if you publish to everyone it’s on the store.

There’s no specific approval process that I know of.

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Thank you for your reply.

That is the store I published to.

When I search for my app, I can find it, but I published it under the category Productivity. When I search their category Productivity, they’re only a few application and mine is not listed.

Perhaps this is a curated featured list. But that isn’t clear to me.

I know it’s only early days with the store, so maybe it will evolve.

There appears to be a review process.

To help ensure GPTs adhere to our policies, we’ve established a new review system in addition to the existing safety measures we’ve built into our products. The review process includes both human and automated review. Users are also able to report GPTs.

ah, you mean this?

yeah, it’s only displaying 12 in every category if you click more.

It looks like they’re calling them the featured GPTs, as from your link

Is your custom gpt so popular that you believe it should be featured in the top 12?

It seems like the way they’re sorting these GPTs is by how many unique conversations each one has.

I don’t think my first two simple ChatGPT apps will be all that popular in Productivity, since they are mainly a tutorial on how to use a language I’m developing (AImarkdown Language - MIT license). Based on Markdown and YAML it makes it very easy to create AI apps, prompts, and interactions.

App Links:
Search ChatGPT Store for:
AImarkdown - Easy Memo
AImarkdown-Point Form Responder

App Source Code and Screenshots for both:
See Example 1, and Example 2 on my AImarkdown site home page:

NOTE: You can just paste the source code into any ChatGPT 4 chat session, and it should work. You don’t have to create a ChatGPT Builder App to try them out.

Here are some screenshots.

AImarkdown - Easy Memo

Thanks for your responses to my post,
~ Rob

For information, if anyone is interested: when analyzing all the GPTs in the “Trending” category, I noticed that the least popular one has 100k+ conversations started, and most of them have 400k+

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