Smart glasses for open development?

I am wondering if anyone knows of any smart glasses for open developing on that have at min audio and a camera?

I want to move my system to work with glasses, where currently in development its pc only, well the cloud version we are working on will work with cell phones I wanted to know if anyone has found any glasses to build their openai projects into?

Only ones I’ve heard of recently were the Apple version? Pricey, though. Not sure on devs for it, though.

Following with interest. Hopefully someone chimes in.

I found these ones thus far that I am watching to hear feedback on. looks like they are open source: Frame – Brilliant Labs
Brilliant Labs · GitHub

all the other ones like apple, Xreal, Nautica, Meta Rayband are all their own systems. some are developable long as you use their ai system. I think that Xreal was working on a pair of open source ones once, but a partnership came up and not sure if that is still going to be a thing.

I may just have to bite on the uk ones, just not sur how they will look for every day wear, but hey for research anything goes right :slight_smile: