The Perfect Open Source Project

Let’s say if you can have any Open Source project that is build for Generative AI.
What would it be?

A tool for collaborative editing with the AI that keeps track of who contributed what and makes the evolution of drafts into the final document visible at a glance. Users: all students, in high school or higher Ed, worldwide. Ideally browser based / cloud based.

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So it would be similar to wikipedia but AI help with editing?

Already working on it :blush:


No mobile support? I see it in the inapp plugin browser for Android. But it says it’s not supported for my device. Any intention to let it be used on Android?

@ram.gregory this is the latest update about mobile: When mobile/iPad application? · brianpetro/obsidian-smart-connections · Discussion #140 · GitHub

If you want to chime in to the discussion on GitHub that would me better prioritize supporting it.

Thanks for checking it out.