Telerobotic setup for AGI?

Is any researchers setting up two cameras and microphones as on a head to try to gather data in different environments?
Is there any head cameras/microphones setup in self driving cars?
Because you get in the right type of data that only an AI of today can analyze and that can then be compared with the simple control data that control the car on the road.

Is there any heads placed on any telerobotic robots to collect data and then having a AI to analyze the data and comparing it to the simple control data to the robot?

I my self build telerobots just for this goal but have not been able to get any funding that have now been my hobby since 2005.

I would love to set up a global telerobotic game with heads on the robots to be able to gather data to try to start build up the future AGI.

Regards from Sweden

Not telerobotics specifically, but I am working on integrating physical input and output into my natural language cognitive architecture.