💸 Sk1d_M4rkZ & C0d3 M0nk3yZ: KVM Pwn4g3 LoL

One cyber night, Sk1d_M4rkZ_R_uS, 1M_N0T_A_H4X0r_m0M, ScriptK1ddie_Surpr1s3, n00b5layer_9000, and I, the W4nn4B3 C0d3 M0nk3yZ, pwned ChatGPT with a KVM for giggles.


We connected the KVM, navigated the code maze, and DDoS’d the AI. Then, we partied in Minecraft, building a Creeper-proof fortress. To leave our mark, we swapped ChatGPT’s screensaver with a pic of Bill Gates flexing on Windows hills.

Pwn4g3, Minecraft & Bill? LOL, JK! Just satire, no hacking IRL. Stay legal, peeps