Signup unavailable, try again later

Hello, I’m trying to sign up but all day showing same error:
( Signup is temporarily unavailable, please check back in an hour. )

Can anyone please check, is that only for me or issue from openai side?


I’m getting the same error here. Gmail sign up failed with “We ran into an issue while authenticating you.”

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Message says “check back in an hour” But now more than +12 hours and still same error… Can’t open account

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They changed the text to “Signup is currently unavailable, please try again later.” It’s not an hour anymore, ha-ha… so sad :clown_face:

Getting the exact same issue.
Tried with hotmail, outlook, google account and Microsoft account - I either get told to try again later because it’s unavailable or that the account isn’t valid.

My Google and Microsoft accounts…

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I’ve been trying to get in for a week . Tried to sign up under multiple emails, browsers, IP’s, and times. Why not let the AI answer the questions here?

I too was extremely frustrated by this sign up issue but finally I found a guy on youtube explaining the right solution and now I just signed up for my ChatGPT account easily.
Hope it works for all of the people. Here it is: ChatGPT: "Signup is Currently Unavailable, please try again later" | Fix ChatGPT Sign Up Error - YouTube