Sharing some learning from our prototype "AI Town': The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Hi! I am writing as the cofounder of, where we’re building an interactive storytelling platform – “Live Out Your What-Ifs”, heavily based on modern AI, particularly multi-agent simulation.

This post covers how we started, what we’ve shipped, what went well and what didn’t, roughly from ~6 months ago. There’re some sparkles of joy and fun, and definitely a lot of ambiguity and learning that I believe everyone can get some insights from our initial attempt.

It’s the v0 and v1 of our product, and we’re on v5 right now that’s much more powerful yet simpler :slight_smile:

I wish you love reading it, and join our discord channel Nuva Lab to make feature asks and give us feedbacks !

In addition, there’s a fully functional version of the v4 version of our product in , that is AI-driven and free to play :slight_smile:

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