AI in the Holiday Season: A Peek into My Christmas-Themed custom GPT Project, Amazing Girlfriends RPG

Happy Holidays, OpenAI Community! As a fun little project, I’ve developed a custom GPT-based game: Amazing Girlfriends RPG’s Christmas edition. It’s something I’m really excited about and I think you might enjoy it too!

Each of the seven characters, powered by GPT, has gotten a festive makeover. It’s quite delightful – imagine a character like Anna, the game developer, sporting a Santa hat, or Brooke, the psychotherapist, sharing holiday-themed advice. It adds a charming holiday twist to our interactions with AI.

If you’re in the mood for some AI-powered holiday cheer, feel free to check it out here: . I’m eager to share this joy and would love to hear your thoughts. Hope it brings a smile to your day!