Sharing a Private Prompt Engineering Hackathon for High School Kids

I recently co-hosted a small, private hackathon for AI Prompt Engineering for friends and family kids ranging from K9-12. Sharing the video here in case someone wants to do something similar with their community. This was a trial to see how kids do with prompt engineering and using our CPROMPT.AI tools. I am hoping to get local schools involved in introducing kids to trying out prompt engineering as part of the S.T.E.M activities.

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Wonderful to see something like this. Well done! I am looking to get something going too to get kids started learning with GPT. My Government refused me funding, so currently looking at other avenues.

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Thanks. You can use our system for your needs as signups are free and we load new user accounts with 20K credits good to run prompts that users create for free. Reach out to me via Twitter DM if needed. My twitter is @mjkabir or you can use the project twitter @cpromptai.