Seo + openai + make + wordpress

Would it be possible by combining the chatgpt APIs, SEO and WordPress software in make so that it scans the titles and descriptions present on my store and replaces them with good keywords

I have a Google sheet catalog and in it there is all the text, then I imported this file into my WordPress store

to start I wanted gpt to tell me how to do it
should I do a make scenario and in this case could the titles and descriptions be scanned by AI: gpt or canva? and replace with good keywords?
Or is this not possible and in this case does the scenario have to go through the Google sheet? (to replace, renew the keywords present in the Google sheet)?

I would have liked chatgpt to give me ideas
I understood that he is capable of reasoning with the philosophy baccalaureate for example
but in the shoes of an expert marketer make it is not great

-gpts with action (seo)
here again I am in the chat and I ask gpt what it is possible to do by creating a custom gpt and adding an action, api
examples so I can understand what I can do
the results I can get
but he is not capable of reasoning like the YouTubers say

Could you help me understand what I could do?

gpt canva example:
does all that a custom gpt allows me to do is a canva request but directly in the chat?
I mean I can’t do anything more than what the Canva GPT offers me?

so the same for a custom gpt seo?