Ideal Process for Database Driven Chat GPT model

Hi there,

I have my own rough idea on how to achieve this but would love some input from the knowledgeable community.

I’d like to set up a chat box which works with the API(easy so far), but I’d like GPT to have access to a database(ideal language unusure) where it can store relevant information on each user, to then be fetched back later when another session starts.

I’m not asking for a step by step guide, just some rough guidance which may avoid several already known headaches. (Although the more info the better :slight_smile: )

Many thanks!

This can use a lot of your usage. I’ve implemented this before using chatHistory.json file.

I’ve seen those last days here some very rare questions asked by the people… And it seems to me that people do not really understand what GPT really is…

Things made short, the question you ask has nothing to do with GPT or the API or even OpenAI itself. I mean, this is something you should develop and EVENTUALLY, boost it via OpenAI’s GPT or whatever…

So it seems that there is plenty of no developers coming and seeing the light on AI, when in reality it is just “cheat mode” for developers. GOD mode for professionals.

I mean, if you know what you know from whatever you know, then GPT boosts you. Cheat mode activated.
But if you simply don’t know, you do nothing with it. Just walk in a random path.

That’s my point of view…

Oh wow! Thanks so much Br0ken!

I will have a deeper dive into this, looks to be exactly what I need :smiley:

Thanks again and have a great day!

Best to keep your ‘opinion’ to a different platform like twitter or facebook.

This is a forum for helping others.