Seeking Assistance: Excel-Compatible Plugin for GPT

Hello OpenAI Community!

I’m reaching out to inquire if anyone knows of a plugin that could assist our dear GPT in handling table preparation for use in Excel. Specifically, I’m encountering difficulties when dealing with expanding columns containing numerical data, even with the help of amazing tools like Wolfram.

I have tried various plugins that manage shareable spreadsheets, but unfortunately, they were unable to gain access, even when provided with public and edit permissions. If there’s anyone out there who is passionate about spreadsheets and has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your response!

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,

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Let’s get in touch. I guess I can help.
Just need some example output.


Maybe Noteable can help your task? You can try to process your numberic data by python and output as cvs through noteable plugin.


Dear Mozart, The Noteable plugin is a very interesting tool, not only for Excel and spreadsheets. I will definitely work on it because I believe there is depth in what one can achieve with it! Thank you very much for your suggestion!


If you need help with the Excel workflow we just released a video showing how to access all sorts of data sources (Excel but also JSON and postgres and Snowflake). I can’t post a direct link but you can check out the Noteable youtube channel.

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Check out Web Requests. It’s standing up agains most challengers. But if it has trouble with excel or spreadsheets or csv data I will fix it :slight_smile:

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