Integrating GPT-3 in Excel

There are some examples online of someone integrating GPT-3 into Excel, but I haven’t found this available as a plug-in anywhere. Does anyone know what method they used, to create this function, GPT3()?

Does it pull in the surrounding data as a prompt for GPT-3 or something, in order to auto-complete?


But how it works? I am radically curious to see how it is built.
I believe this is the script:


They don’t, but I’m open to that with the right prompt and parameters we could get good data from GPT-3 on some topics. Or is that something widely recognized now, that in spite of its linguistic intelligence, it is unreliable for informational purposes?

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One really easy way is to copy and paste into a playground. It pastes as a tab delimited spreadsheet and GPT-3 can follow the pattern.

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I recently created one here using the Completion API and Embeddings API.