Integrating GPT with external database s

I have account with Ycharts for Financial data and analysis . I was wondering if we are able to provide credential in chat gpt so it can access the data and extract it based on prompts . I want to use create a GPT using specific requirements and data can be accessed from my account in ycharts . Is this possible ?

you can do it If the destination has the following conditions:

  1. There is nothing that interferes with accessing content such as java, robots.txt, login. In the case of login, it means the page that the person who is going to view must log in to see the content. But some things are questionable, such as: Can I add a link? for MyGPT to use as data. Even though I have to log in

  2. Content should be directly usable information, such as text or images on the page. If separated to any other page You should include a link to that page.

yep, with a simple API on top of your data, if you don’t want to integrate directly with the data source

Yes, I have a lot of experience doing this. Best approach is:

a) use the external database API to ingest knowledge / sources into a simple middleware.
b) create an API from your middleware
c) copy the OpenAPI Schema from that API and paste into GPT Action.

I can provide more detail if needed.

But this approach in general allows you to more nimbly adapt as the knowledge sources / external database inevitably evolve over time.