GPT + Plugins: Making Custom GPT More Flexible

Hello OpenAI Community,

What about adding a ‘Plugin Activation’ option in the ‘Configuration’ part of GPT settings? Since ChatGPT is open-source and we all come from different backgrounds, not everyone here is a programmer. But we all have great ideas, right? So, why not let us add different tools, like plugins , to our GPT setups easily?

Here’s my case: I tried making a GPT project called Matspar Bergen, ChatGPT - MatSpar Bergen . The goal was to search the web for the cheapest food prices in my city. But, I found out that GPT can’t do web scraping on its own. And, since I’m not a programmer, paying around 50 dollars for a scraping service like ScrapingBee , ScrapingBee, the best web scraping API. – and then giving away my tokens for it – doesn’t really work for me. I mean, I’m trying to cut down my grocery bills, not spend more on coding stuff!

So, what do you think, Samuel Harris Altman ? Could adding a plugin feature to GPT help connect our cool ideas with the technical part? This could really help people like me, who aren’t coders but still want to add something new and useful to our community.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Carlos Carpio

Not sure I understand your post entirely, but I’d just like to point out that custom GPTs can use “plug-ins”. They are called “actions”.

Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that. I will read a bit more about it. If you have any more detailed information, I would appreciate it if you could share it with me, as the OpenAI link ( ) is not very explanatory, and as I already mentioned, I don’t have experience in programming.