Seeking advice building a AI-enabled application

Hello to this brilliant community!

I am currently building a SaaS-based marketing application that heavily relies on OpenAI API. In addition to the key features for marketing, I want to add some tracking capabilities to enhance the app’s user-friendly interface, enable efficient tracking, and potentially ensure compliance with future local regulations. Here are some details:

1. Understanding User Interactions:

To improve user experience, it’s pivotal that I gain an understanding of how users interact with the AI. If any of you have recommendations for tools, libraries, or utilities that can capture and analyze user interactions efficiently, your suggestions would be highly valuable.

2. Monitoring API Usage:

Another integral part of my project involves tracking API usage. Understanding how the AI API is used will greatly aid in monitoring the performance and tuning of the setup, as well as managing costs efficiently. Any advice on methods, tools, or best practices to monitor API usage successfully would be much appreciated.

3. Compliance with Local Regulations:

Through it’s still in early stage, I believe it goes without saying that compliance for AI content is a necessity in the future. I’m wondering if there are any methods or general guidelines to ensure the application aligns consistently with local regulations.

These questions pervade my current planning process, and your input would be incredibly helpful in clarifying these doubts. I appreciate this supportive community and look forward to your insights.

Thank you in advance.

BTW, I’m curious to know which tech stacks are presently the most popular or recommended for AI application development. Currently, I rely on old school stacks depending on the programming language I’m using, with Vector Database being the only new addition.

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