Search is now Available in the Plugin Store

Search as you type. Works great. Much easier searching now.

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How are you getting 37 pages of plugins?

I only see 28 in my list.
Does using Install an unverified plugin add to the store?

There are 222 approved apps in the store. At 6 per page, that is 37 pages.

Can’t dispute that.
Wonder why I only see 28 pages.

Now it is up to 29.
Maybe it is a big roll instead of one instant change.

Math and chill, my friend.

Do you not notice you have 8 plugins/page rather than 6?

You’re fine. You have the plugins.


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

To busy looking at the trees to see the forest.

Maybe I am an LLM that can’t count.

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