Search for today news ,wrong answer

Is there a way to fix it if it keeps finding news from a week or a year ago when asked to find today’s news in GPT? I’ve tried mentioning it several times through prompts, but it doesn’t seem to get fixed. I’d appreciate advice from all you capable folks.

The AI of ChatGPT Plus, when it employs “Browse with Bing”, has a parameter “recency_days” that it can use. However it is very poorly named and undescribed, meaning the AI is unlikely to employ or use it correctly unless you specifically refer to the parameter as a number.

Here’s some ChatGPT conversation, showing what continues after errors with specifying the value of days desired (which reveals dumb AI training or dumb functions). I have to teach the AI.


“When given specific timeframes as examples and instructed accordingly, it acknowledges and claims to update. However, it often forgets and delivers old news instead of current updates. Its search functionality seems almost non-existent, resembling that of GPT-like models. It seems unusable for searches.”

"While using GPT-4, I’ve reverted to using Google for news searches.

thank you for your answer