Rustceans! Tag your posts! And connect with other Rustceans!

In general I find it hard to connect with other Rust OpenAI users.

Should we have separate cateogry?
Or should we use “Rust” tag everywhere.

How Rustceans should connect?

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Also, what would be best Wiki to organize resources?

Or should we just start new repo like this one:

And organize somehow links/resources to existing Rust solutions?

What about e.g. per each one file describing it and then script that would generate comparison table?

So let’s start making pull requests and adding, one markdown per resource in llms/rust directory,
and later I will extract with some gpt3 script into RDF or CSV and then make comparison table.
How do you like this plan? Do you have better plan?

When I search “rust openai” I see tons of repositories and crates, but I can’t find any good place giving good comparison, on supported openai features , sync/async, ability to change endpoint (e.g. to use LocalAI instead of some caching server) etc…

Consider creating and using tags first. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t have a high enough Trust Level to create a tag then just ask in a reply, Trust Level 3 users and higher should be able to do that as needed on any topic.




Step 1: Make sure everyone knows what are tags:

Check all tags and search for “rust” : OpenAI Developer Forum

At moment I am checking now I see only one:

Step 2: Propose your tags

(if someone has no right to make tags, and considers some important to connect with others, please make tag!)

Step 3: Tag your posts

Step 4: Suggest in Rust related threads, authors to tag properly their posts.

I’ve made the rust and rustaceans tags for you.

Edit: rust-macros and frameworks-rust


My tag requests:

I’ve made the requested tags for you, let me know if those are okay.

Please mark,

As the solution so it is easier for other users to know how to get tags created should they want to gather their tribes in the future.

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So far I’ve found few potentially Rust related threads and users.
I hope we will have bigger Rust representation here over time ;).

I’ve gone ahead and added the appropriate rust tags to topics where I thought it was appropriate. I hope that helps you to kickstart your rust community here.

As a side note, I believe the term you are looking for is rustaceans not rustceans.,rustcean