Openai API Rust client


I wrote Rust Client for Openai API

GitHub: GitHub - dongri/openai-api-rs: OpenAI API client library for Rust (unofficial)

I would also love to have it available on the client libraries page.

Have a great day!


Nice! Thanks for sharing.

And welcome to the community.

Hope you stick around!

  • Updated
    Added support for ChatGPT API
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  • Updated
    Added support GPT-4 models

@dongrify thanks for the crate. works !! :slight_smile:


  • Add new models ( gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 , gpt-4-0613)
  • Support function calling

I see another thread related to Rust!

Maybe you are interested in effort to bring Rustceans together and organize posts better with better set of Rust related tags?

Tank you very much. Can you update it to allow use assistant? I want build assistant in rust.

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Assistants API added.
Please use v2.1.0

See sample code here

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@dongrify do you have a sample on how to use the AudioTranscriptionRequest?
I’m stuck at file type.

Oh, Whisper samples cannot be uploaded in multipart/form-data and will be added in the future.