Gptrust: a Rust library to access OpenAI API


I have created a rust project to create a library to interact with gpt (OpenAI API):

A rust library gptrust_api

  • This follows the community standard i.e MIT license, unofficial, and loads key from env
  • Implements a large section of OpenAI API Spec and I am actively adding support for the whole spec
  • The API calls mostly passes snesible defaults, but small patches may be required to override all parameters, if bug reports are filed they’ll get prioritised
  • Simplified code example
    • In Cargo.toml gptrust_api = "0.1.3" (or cargo add gptrust_api)
    • let completions = gptrust_api::completions::complete("Once upon a time".to_string(), ...);

A CLI wrapper gptrust_cli

  • I have created a cli wrapper, so we can have a reference application using the library. It is keyword based and have 1:1 relationship with API endpoints e.g files [list|upload], or chat complete, etc
  • Example usage:
    • gptrust_cli images generations "A cat is offering a flower to a mouse"
    • gptrust_cli chat complete --max-tokens=100 "The first rule of fight club is"
    • echo "Broadcast from root:" | gptrust_cli chat complete --model=gpt-4 - | wall

I also have a plan of creating a proxy that can listen to a socket/fifo, hide all the complexities of auth/billing, and expose a service to other applications which can talk to OpenAI:

  • for example create /dev/chatgpt and let any app open the file and talk to openai api
  • or open a socket and allow other microservices (or become a sidecar) to be a gpt forward proxy

Bug reports, feature requests, patches, forks - everything is welcome. Will also appreciate if it can be listed in the community library page for easy discovery. I’ll keep updating this thread with major releases. Final disclaimer: I am a novice Rust programmer but with issue reports I’ll make it better.

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Welcome to our growing dev community!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Hope you stick around.

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