Which models for which API

I am writing a small CLI interface in Rust to access the API
(Here if any body cares)

When switching between models and completions and chat it would be useful to filter the available models to the API endpoint.

How can I tell, at runtime, which models are suitable for which API?

Is there a definitive list anywhere?

Is it stable? Do models shift roles at all?

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You mean something like this?


Is there a definitive list anywhere?

Yes there is! And that is it. Thank you.

I have two prongs of my question left, one important, one less so.

  • Is this stable? Do models change roles?

I am expecting they do not But I have not seen that in the documentation

  • Is there a way of getting this information at run time?

I can see nothing in the permissions block (at https://api.openai.com/v1/models/) that looks useful.

I expecting I need to hard code the data from https://platform.openai.com/docs/models/model-endpoint-compatibility

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