Russian person trying to get grant

Good morning. I’m from russia and taking part in your financial grant. How can I get grant money, if I win? All solutions are accepted. If you have many, write many. I’m trying to contact anyone from open AI/ open AI grant for three days and no one answer. How can I contact open AI from Russia. Please help me to solve the question!!!
P. S. I know open AI doesn’t support russia at all
P. P. S. I tried VPN. It was not enough.

Your initial topic has been closed.

The application form, available via Superalignment Fast Grants, requires an email address. If you have completed the form, and OpenAI has contacted you then this is the appropriate means to contact OpenAI for any inquiries.

I haven’t applied and, therefore, am not familiar with the procedure. I won’t speculate on it.

OpenAI staff do not actively monitor this forum, so they won’t see topics like yours. Unfortunately, there’s nothing forum users can do to assist you.

This topic will now be closed.

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