Russian Access to ChatGpt

I recently came across a piece of news, “Russian lender Sberbank recently unveiled its chatbot GigaChat as a rival to OpenAI’s sensational ChatGPT”. And I came to know Russia doesn’t have Open AI access because of security reasons.

I’m wondering if Russians are completely devoid of Open AI when the whole world is flourishing in its productivity using ChatGPT, or if there are some bypasses or alternatives as open extensions or packages available?

Nope they’re just racists. You know, if it happens so that you are born in the wrong place this means you are nothing to us.

I Just arrived in Moscow today. I am italian. I discovered here I am blocked…

Hey, I just found a solution for the same too. Try Merlin, it’s a ChatGPT Chrome extension and solves everything, they have free GPT-4 access even.

ahahahahah, we just use vpn or proxy, bro))