Amid ChatGPT frenzy, a hundred followers bloom in China

Technological breakthroughs in the U.S. never fail to inspire challengers, followers and opportunists in China. It’s ChatGPT’s turn to capture the imagination of the world’s largest internet population. On WeChat, ChatGPT’s “trending index,” an indicator of a keyword’s popularity on the social network, rose 155 folds within the last 30 days. It’s fascinating to watch how OpenAI’s powerful language model sparks great interest among the country’s tech giants, startups and ordinary people, not least because it offers a lens to understand the state of the AI race between two superpowers.

Unlike many other major Western internet platforms, the ChatGPT site isn’t blocked in China, yet. But load time is slow, and users can’t sign up with Chinese phone numbers, which adds an extra barrier to using it.

(Source: TechCrunch)

Yes, and API access is not supported in China at this time either:

OpenAI: Supported countries and territories

Don’t shoot the messenger! :wink:

Journalists DO get it wrong quite a bit these days, tho…

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Yes, many Chinese try to register to experience ChatGPT, but Chinese mobile phone numbers cannot register for ChatGPT