Run failed: Sorry, something went wrong in playground/assistant

/ What happened? Why can’t I use it for several days?

When I submit the file and then ask it, I get the response:
Run failed: Sorry, something went wrong

Even if I clear all submitted files and created Assistants, I can’t use them.
But at the same time, I can use all the content of chatgpt and call Openai_API normally.

Anything show up on your browsers development console for that playground page? Mine (chrome) shows nothing unusual.

My current experience in the “preview” mode of the Assistants playground:

You can give the page a hard refresh (shift-reload, or ctrl-f5) to ensure updated code.

I would try removing the vector store ID and disabling the file_search. Create a new basic Assistant just to test whether anything is working at all. Try chat completions web playground.

Then use the browser’s developer tools “network” view when submitting a request to inspect http errors and types that may be received. You might have to go after browser extensions or firewall products that block access, or more.