Assistant playground broken

Using the Assistants playground at - submitting any message to a run results in:

Error streaming run: Unknown parameter: 'stream'.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Update: I have tried in multiple browsers, cache wipe, etc., and there’s no change.

Update: Workaround mentioned here.
Tl;dr: OpenAI are testing Streaming but have enabled it by default, causing issues for some.


I’m having the same issue with all my assistants in the playground.


The same happens to me. It is my first time to use the assistant and was thinking if I miss configure anything or happen to everyone else.


I have the same issue. I have tried different assistants, different accounts, all with the same issue.

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I am having the same issue. I have tried on multiple devices with no success. Yesterday I was having no issues.

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I’m having the same problem. Could be something related with the server?

Yes, broken for our team too. Getting the same “stream” error.

Ohh!! I am experiencing this too. I thought my credits were used up, but they weren’t.

There’s a small flask icon in the top bar of the website accompanied by the word “Preview” next to it. Disabling the stream toggle resolved the issue for me.


Yup, doing that worked for me as well

Ah, great - that was not there earlier, but it is now!
Looks like that icon was not released in the same deployment :eyes: :grimacing:

Thanks, it fixed the problem

It is probably that OpenAI developer account’s API models have stream enabled, but not yours.

The building blocks of streamed assistants responses are now in the Python library for exploration of what might be to come. You’d get denied the same as the playground is doing.

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Can confirm, turning off the streaming setting in “preview” removes the error.

This streaming preview appears to be breaking things.