InteraxAI - No-Code Monetizable & Embeddable AI Widgets

Hey OpenAI Community - Continue reading if you want to create your own AI-powered widget to use or for your website.

InteraxAI is a No-Code White-Label platform that offers monetizable and embeddable AI widgets.

We offer 3 types of widgets:

  • Text-completion: Form-based AI-powered text completion widget for your website.
    e.g. Blog post, ad content generator.
  • Chat-completion: Conversational AI-powered bot for your website. Create a chatGPT-like bot for your website in minutes.
    e.g. assistant, information, or file chatbots
  • Image-generation: Form-based AI-powered image generator widget for your website.
    e.g. icon, logo, sticker, emoji generator

We’ve just recently added the ability to integrate plugins with both text and chat completion widgets, enhancing its capabilities to provide real-time information.

Here are some of the key features of InteraxAI:

  1. :electric_plug: Embeddable: Insert the widget on any website that allows HTML code
  2. :art: Customizable: Add new form input elements, lead generation elements, and more.
  3. :gear: Configurable API: Configure the creativity, length, diversity, and uniqueness of the generated text.
  4. :card_file_box: File Upload: Upload TXT, PDF, CSV, JSON, and DOCX files to generate responses based on them.
  5. :electric_plug: Plugin Integration (Alpha): Integrate plugins for our text and chat completion widgets (Web Search, and more)
  6. :stop_sign: Rate Limiter: Ability to detect out-of-context prompts and limit generation per interval
  7. :moneybag: Monetizable: Charge your users before AI generation

InteraxAI is perfect for website owners and developers who want to offer their users a unique and engaging experience. So what are you waiting for? Give InteraxAI a try and take your website to the next level!


Hi everyone, just added analytics for website owners. You can now see your total generations, views, for the day, and your average views per week.

Looks very interesting!

How do you handle payment for accessing the APIs?

Thanks Paul,

Our platform offers two options for users to access OpenAI API. They can either input their own API key or choose to use a shared key that is available to all our users. In both cases, we deduct a certain number of generations per use.

We have a free subscription that includes 50 free generations, and we also offer a Pro subscription that provides 2000 generations for $20 per month. Additional generations can be purchased for $20 per 2000 generations.

Let me know if you have any further questions.