Results translating DNA sequences to quantum circuits (with codex)

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I am a biotechnologist and please it would be great if you want to give me your opinion/colab about some results. I am learning how to code, still with really poor skills, but improving (and getting help from OpenAI codex). My idea is that a DNA sequence is a programming system/language itself, working in the cell as a quantum circuit, so I coded some programs (see link below; some very naive codes and results in Google Cirq) to translate DNA sequences to quantum circuits and test my theory. If the circuits have coherence, then we can begin to think that my idea is not so crazy, and use the nature of DNA to develop quantum circuits. Then, testing circuits made from the different parts of the genome (e.g. coding and non-coding regions, and with different functions as enhancers, promoters…) I could get to see correlations that support my you will see some of the generated programs (naive), and depending on those programs the circuits that were generated from a DNA sequence (from the CRY1 gene, my favorite) on google cirq platform. But logically, they are simple codes and circuits; if I want to include more qubits and gates, approaches that are far from my basic understanding such as Shor’s algorithm, I have problems with my knowledge about programming and quantum circuits. I know about biology and DNA, but not about programming.

There are many different interesting biological/programming approaches to code programs in this direction, for examples (and I am not able to do it on my own), try to develop the idea that each DNA nucleotide (A, C, G, T) is a qubit, and the reading frame of the program to find circuits in a DNA sequence is in nucleotides triple (4x4x4 = 64 triple possibilities) as it works in nature (to me the cell acts as a turing machine where the DNA is the input sequence for instructions).

Finally, there are some papers suggesting really interesting unknown features about DNA which we really don’t have any idea about (DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields - PubMed), I mean, DNA can act as a fractal antenna, among other cool features that are not so popular. I hope you find these ideas interesting and want to help and participate.

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Cant access your google docs link !
The concept is def interesting but I’d love to understand more before commenting

Why quantum programming though ? Why not regular programming.

thanks for your interest. Do you want to try to help here? I already give you access to the drive file, do you have it?.
In relation to why quantum instead of a normal circuit, the explanation is really really long, but at the end is not so clear, In fact, I tried to do it with normal circuits too, it could be that way instead of quantum.
BTW I give you here some evidence and theories showing DNA acting as a quantum system