How long does it take for a plugin to show up?

I was told that my plugin would be added to the store on Friday, but it’s been 4 days since then, and it still doesn’t seem like it’s been added yet.

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Takes about 7 days.
Do you have the word “plugin” in the name or description?

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Pluginpedia got listed so using Plugin in the name is not a hard rule. Adding this useless blurb because I’m getting flagged and can’t respond due to “incomplete sentences”.

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7 days after it’s approved? Mine was approved on Friday.

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I meant it took 7 days until Logan looked into mine and disapproved it. I don’t have one that is approved yet.

Which plugin got rejected?

Another blurb to make this a complete sentence.

I’ve just fiddled a quick one to get used to the whole process before I invest much time in it. It’s a Jobsearch Plugin (which only has very limited data from germany atm - but has a strategy pattern to include more in a few hours) - also had a person at my home who I had to take care of and who died yesterday. So from now on I will have some more time.

I mean it took me only a few hours to build it from the scratch. So not a huge deal for the rejection (I’ve changed it up to fit to the things stated in the rejection message and resubmitted).

So in your approval message, they accepted the plugin, and explicitly wrote it’ll be available on the store on Friday? or what? They moved your ticket to completed, and they said it’ll be in the store? Seems bizzare.