Open AI licences for our enterprise customers

I need to understand where to organize an agreement for GPT-/Open AI-licences for our customers. I need an enterprise agreement for get licenses for our customers

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Welcome to the forum.

AFAIK, you cannot bulk buy “licenses” for other clients… You use your own API key to build an application and then charge your end users.

Is that what you meant?

Here is your portal to ChatGPT Enterprise Q&A.

The product page: ChatGPT Enterprise

You’ll be directed to a sales contact form…and be queued behind those that have been waiting weeks. I’ve not seen any users report they’ve actually been accepted into the program post-announcement.

how long will we have to wait for a license agreement with open AI?

We are a software company and to provide Open AI licenses to our customers very quickly! can you help me please!

To which license agreement are you referring?

:thinking: API keys perhaps? @barbara.hinderer if you could provide more information we can try to see if there is anything that can be done.

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we want to provide gen ai/GPT licenses to our customers, so we need some kind of contract with open ai. We are a software company developing AI solutions for our customers…
So I need to get advice

What is “gen ai” in this instance? GPT licences is also somewhat puzzling, ChatGPT is sold by OpenAI, I don’t think they are interested in having any reselling partnerships for that product, the API is the business offering, but that does not have licences.

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I think the problem is people don’t know what you mean by “licenses”. That is not really a thing with OpenAI. You either have development access through a paid account or you don’t. If you are looking to be a reseller of API access of some sort, Microsoft already fills that roll through their Azure OpenAI Service.

If you think you can provide some sort of role past what Microsoft does, I would just use Azure as your backend and just reskin the service as your own. You have to go through a short application process, but they grant it so long as you agree to adhere to/stay within the confines of what you applied with.

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So you mean, we as a software company developing application based on Open AI/Azure etc. CANNOT provide Open AI licenses as a reseller to our clients? Is this what you wanted to explain me?

There is no evidence that OpenAI has resellers or any licensing program for its own ChatGPT services. OpenAI does engage directly with top-tier partners, but those are typically providers of their own AI services based on OpenAI technology and platform.

It is inherently an online service with user accounts managed directly by OpenAI, and with recurring subscription costs, so there is nothing to “sell”.

What you suggest would be like trying to resell a perpetual per-seat business license to Netflix.

correct as you said, this is exactly, what we want to do as direct tier partner providing our own AI service based on Open AI technology: : OpenAI does engage directly with top-tier partners, but those are typically providers of their own AI services based on OpenAI technology and platform.

If you are now understanding, and seeing that you need to offer an AI service yourself if you wish to offer services to others, you will need to start down a path requiring technical competence and programming skills: setting up servers and a backend that can manage a customer database and enterprise user management, user interface for those clients and services, and user interface for a chat assistant.

OpenAI provides an API to get AI responses to input, but does not provide the infrastructure for your own AI business like or

A working demonstration app using API and increasing user base will allow you to get higher limits on an OpenAI account, and also and a case for acceptance to Microsoft Azure OpenAI services for high-volume API apps.

If you have none of these skills in your company, nor connections with development partners, it may be hard to start a whole new business in this space.

So, how can we proceed now?

please advice how we can proceed now, how we can become an open AI - partner as we are providers of our own AI service based on Open AI


You can try reaching out to

Hey Barbara.

I’m in the same boat. Sent out a request form the day enterprise was released to ask about reselling licenses (and having access to) for corporate clients.

No response, of course.

The good news is that slowly there are open-source products that are being continuously worked on that will (hopefully) overshadow theirs using an API key so we can offer an alternative.

For a company with abysmal support they certainly love to add extra products that demand a lot of attention (and then drop them). Their chatbot is frustratingly difficult to route towards an actual human being and the “developer” support doesn’t even read this forum but uses GPT to read it all for them. Excluding the hidden enterprise-only parts of this forum, which does exist.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised that they use an LLM to read the form in-takes and filter what they believe to be worth spending 2 seconds to read.

With companies like this we are going to need to apply “SEO-LIKE” tactics to even be visible. So maybe for the next entry just use the highest numbers and then mention how much you enjoy McDonald’s, Nike shoes and they’ll rush salivating.

Better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Here is a list of current open-source ChatGPT-like interfaces:

There are numerous Code Interpreter (or, sorry… Advanced Data Analysis) alternatives as well. Truthfully I haven’t tried them though.

(This one doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore)

hi, we would like to provide this openAI based services by our own to our customers. Which kind of application process we have to go ?
We need to get an enterprice agreement to get licenses to provide them to our customers.

Hello Barbara, do you mean that you want to use OpenAI’s services such as ChatGPT and DALLE on your own website that you then sell to clients?

Can someone explain to me the difference of giving your customers Licenses versus just creating a software for them with your API key and charging them for it?

Am I missing something? Does it directly bill them is that the point?

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