Requesting Permission to Use “GPT” in Mobile App Name

Hello, I’m making a mobile application with GPT assistants using your API. But both Google Play and the App Store do not allow the application to undergo moderation, they say that they need confirmation from you that I can use the words GPT in the methods. I was going to call the app GPT Assistant. They are asking me for some documents confirming the right to use your brand, can you provide this or can I find them somewhere myself?

The “OpenAI” name, the OpenAI logo, the “ChatGPT” and “GPT” brands, and other OpenAI trademarks, are property of OpenAI.

(Brand guidelines)

I’m sure the word Music and the word MP3 are also copyrighted or trademarked by someone. It shouldn’t stop anyone from using those terms in your products. OpenAI would love for the concept of “Generative Pre Trained” to be associated only with them, but the rest of the world disagrees. lol. We’ll keep using the term GPT as much as we wish.

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