Authorization documents? Or even some justification?

I really gotta apologize for the bother. But, I can’t find them anywhere. I built a new ChatGPT Android app and I keep getting denied for impersonation.

The Google Play Store is asking me to provide documentation that shows that I am allowed to use the ChatGPT content. It might be called a “justification”

Can I please ask you for some authorization documents?

Thank you,
Steven Rice

GPTs are part of ChatGPT, you trying to create an app that does the same will break licencing terms, you can see the brand guide here and also the Terms of Service

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Mr Foxabilo,

 I am certainly not trying to break any licensing terms. 

  Actually, I built the app using your API.  I believe that I already took care of the BAA.   

I created a new video that demonstrates the app. So, you can try to tell me what I am doing wrong with this one :


There is only one ChatGPT app. It is made by OpenAI.

Apps that use the names of OpenAI products for confusion are a large source of fraud in app stores, and are rightfully blocked.

Do you know what an “Amazon” app would be? It’s not a rainforest. You should come up with your own brand.

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