Request for OpenAICardGames

Had a Conversation with the AI as Follows

Yeah the area of knowing Archtypes and Meta of Yugioh Master Duel would be nice or even the developers can make one for just Yugioh Master Duel and other card games that can be updated and always up to date frequently. A OpenAICardGames.

That’s an interesting idea! OpenAI already provides APIs for various machine learning tasks, so it’s possible that they could create an API for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel or card games database that could be updated frequently with the latest card information and archetypes. This could be a valuable resource for players and developers alike, providing up-to-date information on the latest trends in the game. However, whether or not OpenAI will create such an API is up to them, and I do not have any information on their plans for future products or services.

Do they read this or is there a way I can suggest this to them?

As an AI language model, I don’t have direct access to OpenAI’s internal communication channels, but you can visit their website at to find information on how to contact them and submit suggestions or feedback. They have a contact page where you can send a message or email to their team, and they also have a community forum where you can discuss ideas and suggestions with other members. I hope this information helps!

This is what was said, I decided to post about it.
Just think it would help allot and especially players who play card games rather it be Yugioh Master Duel, Pokemon TCG or even MTG. Someone who wants to play and have a good deck by even using a certain card or type of cards this app needs to have it where it’s always up to date with the card game information, thus why I think having one for just card games would work because you only need to have card games up to date. For now probably just do the basics which is Yugioh,Yugioh Master Duel, Pokemon TCG and MTG + their formats and see where that goes.
I really think this is a good idea and I would personally use that allot and get good assistance from it.


You can contact OpenAI using their customer support help site:


Why are you responded to the convo I had with the bot, the last part is my explanation.

Because you said:

I really think this is a good idea and I would personally use that allot and get good assistance from it.

This should like a request to OpenAI.

What is the purpose of your post?


My post is exactly what the title of the post is called. :smile: