The free ai sucks and the forum layout is difficult to find where to post

1st off you guys really need to develop a better forum this place is so hard to use.
2nd the free chat gpt has way too many issues i have as of yet to get a response that is correct and what i asked for

literally had to click on every link to find the forums and then click on everything again to find how to post. not intuitive at all.

so far i have asked about dungeons & dragons and yugioh master duel
i asked it to make a deck and it labels spells as traps or monsters. and the same for the other card types. then when i tell it the correct label of a card it relabels it incorrectly for example i told it the card magician’s left arm is not a trap that it is a continuous magic card. then the AI “corrected” its self labeling magician’s left arm as a monster. i have tried 100 different times it refuses to label it correctly as a spell card.
i have tried getting it to generate aspects of a d&d dungeon like the names of a guild and the ai continues to fail by instead saying that guilds offer players a chance to connect with the world based on their personal preferences then ends any statement on the topic of table top role playing by saying “make sure the dm gives permission and all players are ok with any additions/changes to a campaign”

it’s like the ai reads key words and then searches every word in its database and then throws word soup out hoping that the words match what was asked of it.

when making yugioh decks i constantly have to remind it not to include a card
for example i told it not to include into the void a drawing card that has risk cause at end of turn your whole hand is discarded
the very next result included 3 copies of into the void.which is not what i asked for.if i ask for more than one thing the AI only does a partial job. i asked for a 60 card deck and constantly get between 10-24 cards that there is only 1 copy of each
then there’s the issue where i ask it what the generated card does and the ai responds with "I apologize for any confusion. It seems there was a misunderstanding. I did not intentionally suggest “insert card name here” as it is not a valid card in the official Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. If there was any mention of it, it may have been a mistake. If you have any other requests or need assistance with valid cards, please let me know. even though the ai just recomended the card less than 30 seconds ago in this particualr instance i asked what magicilized fusion does and had to google it cause the ai forgot what was in its memory banks. the ai also has a vocabulary problem as anything above 3 syllables just confuses the AI making it spout jibberish.

i have better results using google search bar than i do with this ai

another issue i have is when you ask the AI to clarify something it gives the correct info and then has no idea why it chose to list the info incorrectly in the first statement.
example i asked it for a list of spell cards that inflict damage to the other player’s lifepoints it only had 1 card in its database that would actually inflict damage. it listed several monsters and traps that had nothing to do with inflicting life points with spell cards. it listed all the toon monsters as spell cards that inflict damage to the opponenet. when i asked for a description of toon blue eyes it gave me the exact effect listed on the card. when i asked why toon blue eyes was included in a list of spell cards that inflict damage to an opponent’s lifepoints. it said that it never included toon blue eyes in the list of spell cards that inflict damage. is there a way to improve the ai with out the thumbs down as that does not seem to work

ChatGPT(Except maybe GPT4) isn’t really good with logic and reasoning with it can be pretty pointless, it does things but it doesn’t know why it does things.
It also has knowledge limited to 2021, so it might not be the best tool for the task.
Bear in mind that making a deck is a complex task that follows specific rules and ChatGPT’s function is to be able to keep a conversation about anything so it might fail with specific tasks.

You also should try to be as specific as posible in your prompts(and maybe ask in the Prompting category instead of API) if you can somehow divide the tasks into smaller tasks it could also help.

There are some tools like that use chatGPT but adding more functionality like AgentGPT which might work, but most of this tools have a certain limit until you have to pay, and I had no luck.

You also have videos of people trying to make decks with gpt, maybe someone has figured out how to make it work, but I only had poor results trying myself, but I’m not very good with prompting to be honest.

I’m sorry to hear that. I know exactly, what you mean and about your frustration.

How nice was the time with ChatGPT before December 16. There the prompting was still so simple. And now? From month to month more problems, less consistent responses and severe limitations in creativity. Even Bing AI is barely usable anymore. Loses context, can barely analyze summaries of a web page, etc.
But what am I whining about here, it’s just a game in the sandbox.