Request for ChatGPT Desktop App Support on Intel Macs

Hello OpenAI Team and Community,

I am writing to express my strong desire for the ChatGPT desktop app to support Intel-based Macs. I own a 2020 iMac Pro, which still performs exceptionally well for all my needs, and I am not planning to upgrade to an Apple Silicon Mac in the near future.

Currently, the ChatGPT desktop app is only available for Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 14 (Sonoma) or later. However, many users, including myself, rely on our Intel Macs and feel left out from accessing this valuable tool natively on our devices.

Given that many modern software applications support both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures, I kindly request the OpenAI development team to consider extending compatibility to Intel-based Macs. This would greatly benefit a significant portion of your user base who are eager to utilize the ChatGPT desktop app without having to resort to web browsers or third-party solutions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to a positive response and hope for future updates that include Intel Mac support.

Best regards,


Although MacGPT works OK, it seems to have lots of issues of late. I really would prefer a native Intel app.