Enhancement Suggestion for ChatGPT: Persistent Access to Customized Prompts

I’d like to suggest an improvement to ChatGPT’s user experience, specifically regarding the accessibility of customized prompts. As it stands, prompts customized under the Explore feature are only visible during the initial launch of a GPT session, becoming inaccessible thereafter. My proposal is to ensure these valuable prompts are always available for users.

The core of my suggestion involves adding a new column to the ChatGPT interface dedicated to displaying these customized prompts (e.g. on the right hand side). This would enable users to utilize these prompts at any point in their conversation, facilitating quick translations, summaries, content generation, logical and linguistic checks, or triggering other pre-set actions.

Having these prompts permanently accessible would greatly enhance user interaction with the system. It would provide users with instant access to frequently used functions, akin to tailored shortcuts, without disrupting their current train of thought or the need to re-enter prompts repeatedly.

I believe this modification would significantly improve the functionality of ChatGPT Explore, making it more user-friendly and versatile for various applications.

just found. This idea has already been set out by luona.dev:

A useful development of this feature, especially in this new context, is the ability to choose whether the injected prompt is executed directly or is only used to partially fill the prompt with pre-made texts. To provide illustrative examples: “Please translate the following text into Spanish” or “Please summarize the following text to a maximum of 150 words” or “Please remove the content redundancies from the following text” or “Please shorten the following text by about half, without omitting essential content.” Then, the action buttons are like a control panel that can be used sensibly throughout the entire chat.